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SGLA’s Dr. Jason Cohen successfully removed one of the largest thyroid masses in the practice’s history. The mass, a parathyroid adenoma, was significantly larger than average, measuring almost one inch in length. 

Parathyroid adenomas form on the parathyroid glands in the neck, causing these glands to grow in size. These benign tumors can cause markedly elevated calcium levels in a person which can lead to a host of medical problems

Dr. Cohen removed the mass which measured almost one inch in length. If not removed this mass could have raised the individual’s calcium levels, causing a host of health issues. 

“The average parathyroid gland is usually the size of an apple seed or a lentil,” said Dr. Cohen “This case was particularly alarming because the tumor caused the glad to become incredibly large.” 

In the past, removing a mass of this size from an individual’s neck region often required a large and unsightly incision to be placed across the neck. Thanks to recent advances in surgical technique, thyroid masses can be removed using discrete incisions that leave patients with aesthetically pleasing results.

Dr. Cohen added that “utilizing a minimally invasive approach for this case was incredibly important. In addition to creating aesthetically pleasing results, this method allows for faster healing.”  

Faster healing times allow “patients to head home after surgery or after a one night stay at the hospital. This means that they can return to work faster and resume their regular schedules.”

The patient from whom this mass was removed has successfully healed and will continue to be monitored by Dr. Cohen and the SGLA team.