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The Surgery Group of Los Angeles is a surgical practice in the heart of Los Angeles, conveniently located in the West Cedars-Sinai Medical Tower. This unique practice was founded by medical professionals with the mission of providing a comprehensive approach to surgical care.

We believe the best surgeons should be as approachable as they are adept in the operating room. We look forward to getting to know all our patients with a complete picture of their medical history, we can address any concerns or questions and are able to provide superlative care long after surgery.

Board-Certified Surgeons

Our board-certified surgeons and medical staff believe the best and most complete patient care means:

  • Treating the person, not the condition. Every patient receiving unique and specialized care.
  • Having a team of board-certified specialists, with expertise in a variety of surgical disciplines, that can support you – no matter what your condition or how long you need care.
  • Using the latest and most advanced surgical techniques to minimize trauma and pain and get you back to enjoying the things you enjoy in life.
  • Giving you, your family and your primary care physician direct access to our staff to encourage communication about all aspects of your care.
Doctors office

Our Office

We’ve gone to great lengths to make you feel at home in our office. Our office was designed with your comfort in mind. We hope you feel relaxed and at home while visiting us. We see all patients at our office and perform our procedures at local accredited hospitals that meet the highest standards.

8635 W. 3rd Street, Suite 880 West, Los Angeles, CA 90048

310-289-1518 | 24/7 access for questions and follow-up

Surgery Group LA is the only team of surgeons that offers a comprehensive approach to surgical care through advanced technology, long-term patient follow-up and direct physician access.