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Is celery juice the new miracle drink?

Have you heard about the benefits of drinking celery juice? If you haven’t, you’ve been living under a rock.  You can’t get away from the hype of this latest craze.  In this blog, Dr. Ellenhorn will weigh in about this latest trend every blogger has been hyping.

Anthony Williams aka The Medical Medium, who has no nutrition or medical training, claims that he is able to converse with the Spirit of Compassion, who “provides him with…

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Alex Trebek Announces Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

Earlier today cultural icon and host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek, announced that he has been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Joshua Ellenhorn, a pancreatic surgeon at the Surgery Group of Los Angeles, says that Trebek’s prognosis is not good, and likely fatal.

“Pancreatic cancer is an incredibly aggressive disease”, said Dr. Ellenhorn, “Over the past four decades, there have been numerous advances in the treatment of…

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Dr. Jason Cohen Removes Large Thyroid Mass

SGLA’s Dr. Jason Cohen successfully removed one of the largest thyroid masses in the practice’s history. The mass, a parathyroid adenoma, was significantly larger than average, measuring almost one inch in length. 

Parathyroid adenomas form on the parathyroid glands in the neck, causing these glands to grow in size. These benign tumors can cause markedly elevated calcium levels in a person which can lead to a host of medical…

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Dr. Yosef Nasseri Develops New Surgical Technique for the Treatment of Pilonidal Cysts

SGLA’s Dr. Yosef Nasseri has developed a new minimally invasive surgical technique to treat patients suffering from Pilonidal Cysts.

Pilonidal Cysts, more commonly referred to as Tailbone Cysts, are debris filled sacs which can form under the tailbone. This sac can become infected, causing an incredible amount of pain.

Conventional surgical procedures for the removal of Tailbone Cysts have often left patients with less than desired…

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Diverticulitis: The search for its cause continues

Diverticulitis, a painful disease of the colon, is caused when small pockets of the colon become infected and enflamed. The symptoms of the disease are harsh and can include constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, nausea and vomiting.

The small pockets, referred to as diverticula, occur when the muscle of the colon becomes weak. This weakness causes affected areas to push outward, resulting in the formation of the…

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SGLA Removes One of the Largest Tumors in Cedars Sinai History

Dr. Joshua Ellenhorn, the co-founder of the Surgery Group of Los Angeles, removed one of the largest tumors from a patient’s abdomen in Cedars Sinai history last week.  Dr. Moshe Barnajian, a colorectal surgeon for the Surgery Group of Los Angeles, assisted in removing the tumor that measured almost 2 feet in size.

The patient, a 61 year old Spanish speaking maintenance worker, had previously been told the mass was inoperable. The…

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In 2019, Sustainability is Key

New Years is a time of renewal. Not only does this day mark the start of a new year, 2019, it also marks the start of many diets and lifestyle changes. So many of us focus on making drastic changes to our health during this time of year. What many fail to consider is wether these drastic changes are sustainable and what effects they can have on our health. 

Like with any diet, sustainability is key. Beginning a crash di

et that…

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A Patient Centered Surgery Protocol

The thought of going through colorectal surgery can be a daunting one for patients. Patients are told all sorts of rules about preparing themselves for surgery. Most of these rules are cautionary in nature, “don’t eat this…don’t do that…make sure you do not…” All these restrictions can be incredibly stressful to keep track of. More stress is certainly one thing colorectal surgery patients do not need more of. 

In order to quell…

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Power of Immediate Reconstruction in Mastectomy Cases

In some cases where breast preserving surgical procedures are not a viable treatment options many women have to face the tough reality of going through a mastectomy surgery. 

A mastectomy is a surgery which removes the entirety of one’s breast tissue, as apposed to a lumpectomy which only removes a part of the tissue. Most mastectomy patients go through the procedure to remove cancer that has spread to multiple areas of the breast. In some…

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Can Cranberries Inhibit Cancer Cell Viability?

What would the holiday season be without delicious cranberries? Cranberries are a very unique fruit. Cranberries or Vaccinium Macrocarpon, have acidic taste that usually overwhelms its sweetness and is always part of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  

But what are the health benefits of Cranberries. Drinking cranberry juice or enjoying cranberry sauce with your Turkey and trimmings, can’t hurt but certainly won’t help cure cancer or…

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