Dr. Jason Cohen Removes Largest Parathyroid Adenoma In Office History

Sitting alongside the thyroid gland in the neck are small glands called the parathyroid glands. These glands have a role in regulating calcium metabolism in the human body. On occasion one or more of these glands will enlarge, causing the calcium in the blood to rise. Dr. Jason Cohen, founding partner of SGLA has spent years studying these glands and their effects on patients.

Dr. Cohen has become expert in identifying which of the glands is abnormal. Using sophisticated surgical techniques and radiologic techniques the offending gland or glands are removed.

The normal parathyroid gland is about the size of an apple seed or a lentil.

A large parathyroid tumor (called an adenoma) may be the size of a pea, or on occasion even a grape.

But last month SGLA witnessed removal of the largest parathyroid adenoma in the history of the office. Here is a representative photograph of a large parathyroid adenoma (benign tumor) similar to the one removed by Dr. Cohen

Image result for Parathyroid adenoma

The specimen weighed over 6 grams. The normal weight of a parathyroid gland is about 0.5 grams.

SGLA continues to see a large number of patients with parathyroid disorders. Should you need consultation or wish to discuss issues of parathyroid disease without staff, please call.

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