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How your genetics can affect the likelihood of getting colorectal cancer

Did you know that researchers discovered several factors that increase a person’s risk of colorectal cancer?

Our DNA, given to us by our parents, contains a series of genes that control almost everything about us. Some of these genes control cell growth, cell division into new cells, and cell death. The gene that moderate these processes are referred to as Tumor Suppressor Genes.

When all is right in our bodies, our Tumor Suppressor…

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But first Coffee?

SGLA’s Dr. Yosef Nasseri is taking a look at how drinking coffee effects patients after gastrointestinal surgery in a brand new study.

Previous studies have been able to show that coffee does stimulate colonic activity. Dr. Nasseri’s study,  which is mentioned in the most recent issue of Cedars-Sinai Discoveries Magazine, is unique because it examines whether drinking coffee has positive effects on the recovery time for gastrointestinal…

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What are polyps and how do I know if I have them?

The second most common cancer in the Unites States is Colorectal Cancer. The term “Colorectal Cancer” applies to any cancer that begins in either the colon or the rectum. This slow forming cancer grows over the course of several years and stems from non-cancerous polyps.

Polyps are growths that become present in the lining of the rectum or colon. They are small flat bumps that can sometimes have a mushroom like appearance measuring less…

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What is an Inguinal Hernia?

An Inguinal Hernia occurs when a patient’s tissue pokes through a weak spot in the abdominal wall. This protrusion can prove to be incredibly painful especially when partaking in everyday activities like coughing, bending down, and lifting heavy objects.

Individuals suffering from an inguinal hernia can experience a bulge over the pubic bone which becomes more evident when standing, or whilst coughing. This bulge can cause sufferers to feel…

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What is a Thyroidectomy?

The Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland which can be found at the base of your neck. It is responsible for producing a variety of body regulating hormones that are responsible for your everyday health. These hormones work to regulate functions like your heart rate, rate at which food is converted into energy, and your over all metabolism.

Sometimes patients may experience issues with their thyroid’s health, leading to the need for a…

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The Signs and Symptoms of Colon Cancer

The signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer are also the symptoms of some other conditions, so if you have these symptoms, see a doctor to determine the exact cause. The things you should be paying attention to include:

A change in bowel habits: If you experience diarrhea, constipation, or narrowing of the stool, that lasts more than a few days, it’s time to see a doctor.
Feeling the need to have a bowel movement: If this feeling…

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When a Lumpectomy is the best option for you

Breast Cancer is an unfortunate reality in many women’s lives. For any woman, hearing that she has Breast Cancer can be an incredibly traumatic experience. The fear of losing one’s breasts and going through chemotherapy can be scary. Luckily, thanks to more women taking an active and informed role in their healthcare, Breast Cancer continues to be detected earlier.

Early detection allows for surgeons, like our own Dr. Elizabeth Arena, to…

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How to Tell if your Hernia needs to be Repaired

So you felt a lump in your groin or near your belly button, and after a quick internet search, you’ve pretty much concluded that it’s a hernia. What, exactly, does that mean for you? Will it cause problems in your everyday life? And what will happen if you decide not to get surgery? The answers to these questions depend on a variety of factors.

A hernia is here are a few different types of hernia. The most common types include:

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Misconceptions about Surgical Mesh for Hernia Repair

Men are more likely than their female counterparts to develop a Hernia in their lifetime. A Hernia occurs when tissue or organs can protrude from the abdominal wall creating a palpable lump in the area. Male patients, especially ones with busy work schedules, can let their Hernias remain untreated. Men who deal with a Hernia can live normal lives leaving it untreated. However, Hernia’s can create discomfort and, when large enough, can disrupt…

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Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. It is a time of joy and happiness. It is incredibly important for women during and after their pregnancy to be feeling their absolute best. Unfortunately, this time can be sullied by an unfortunate medical condition, Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are painful, swollen veins that form in the rectal area. They can vary in size from anywhere to a small bean to a large cluster. Left untreated, Hemorrhoids…

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