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How Yoga Can Help Restore Thyroid Levels

Most people know that yoga is a great exercise if you’re looking to become more limber and flexible. Yoga is also beneficial in that it helps to relieve stress and allows the body to heal more quickly after strenuous physical activity—but did you also know that yoga can help to restore thyroid levels? If you suffer from thyroid imbalances, yoga may be useful.
Stress, Yoga, and Thyroid Activity
One of the most beneficial parts of yoga is…

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How to Deal with Hemorrhoids (and Know When You Need Help)

Though hemorrhoids are common, nearly three out of four adults will have them at some point in their lives. Understanding the causes and symptoms can help you know if you need to seek a hemorrhoid specialist in Los Angeles.
What Is a Hemorrhoid?
Similar to varicose veins, hemorrhoids (sometimes called piles) are swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum. The walls of the blood vessels can become strained and thinned so that the veins…

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Got Rhoids?

Don’t let hemorrhoids dictate the quality of your life. Dr. Yosef Nasseri and Dr. Moshe Barnajian offer a wide variety of treatment options, specifically tailored to each patients condition and treatment…

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Preparing for Your First Colonoscopy

Colonoscopies tend to be surrounded by plenty of jokes. The truth is, we all find the idea a little unnerving. Not to worry, though; we can take the mystery and uncertainty out of this common procedure. In fact, it’s a routine medical test that both men and women should get as they get older. The Surgery Group of Los Angeles can provide you with top-quality preventative care in the form of a colonoscopy.
Who Needs to Have a Colonoscopy and…

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Signs You Need Your Gallbladder Removed

Abdominal pain can sometimes be nonspecific or confusing, and the cause can be elusive. The gallbladder is an integral part of the body but, when it stops working the way it should, the symptoms can stop you in your tracks. You may not know it’s your gallbladder causing the issues you’re experiencing. The Surgery Group of Los Angeles can help you understand what your symptoms mean and if you need gallbladder surgery.
What Is the…

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Surgical Options for Breast Cancer

Surgical Options for Breast Cancer
Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with breast cancer? You probably want to know more about your options. A doctor may have suggested surgery might be an option for you. Surgery is often the first line of treatment for this cancer. The Surgery Group of Los Angeles can help you understand the surgeries and which breast cancer procedure is right for you.

Breast Cancer Treatment Types

The treatment of…

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Dr. Jason Cohen Removes Largest Parathyroid Adenoma In Office History

Sitting alongside the thyroid gland in the neck are small glands called the parathyroid glands. These glands have a role in regulating calcium metabolism in the human body. On occasion one or more of these glands will enlarge, causing the calcium in the blood to rise. Dr. Jason Cohen, founding partner of SGLA has spent years studying these glands and their effects on patients.
Dr. Cohen has become expert in identifying which of the glands is…

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How Social Media Is Saving Lives

Social media has become much more than catching up with friends. Businesses have taken to social platforms to advertise, and physicians have gone this route to communicate health information and awareness. From revealing breast cancer signs to symptoms of cardiovascular problems to helping raise money for ALS research, social media health awareness has helped save lives.

The medical community has quickly caught on to the power to educate the…

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