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Dr. Yosef Nasseri Develops New Surgical Technique for the Treatment of Pilonidal Cysts

SGLA’s Dr. Yosef Nasseri has developed a new minimally invasive surgical technique to treat patients suffering from Pilonidal Cysts.

Pilonidal Cysts, more commonly referred to as Tailbone Cysts, are debris filled sacs which can form under the tailbone. This sac can become infected, causing an incredible amount of pain.

Conventional surgical procedures for the removal of Tailbone Cysts have often left patients with less than desired…

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SGLA Removes One of the Largest Tumors in Cedars Sinai History

Dr. Joshua Ellenhorn, the co-founder of the Surgery Group of Los Angeles, removed one of the largest tumors from a patient’s abdomen in Cedars Sinai history last week.  Dr. Moshe Barnajian, a colorectal surgeon for the Surgery Group of Los Angeles, assisted in removing the tumor that measured almost 2 feet in size.

The patient, a 61 year old Spanish speaking maintenance worker, had previously been told the mass was inoperable. The…

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In 2019, Sustainability is Key

New Years is a time of renewal. Not only does this day mark the start of a new year, 2019, it also marks the start of many diets and lifestyle changes. So many of us focus on making drastic changes to our health during this time of year. What many fail to consider is wether these drastic changes are sustainable and what effects they can have on our health. 

Like with any diet, sustainability is key. Beginning a crash di

et that…

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Dr. Yosef Nasseri Joins GSN Editorial Advisory Board

The Surgery Group of Los Angeles would like to congratulate Dr. Yosef Nasseri on his appointment to the General Surgery News Editorial Advisory Board.

GSN is a monthly publication designed to keep general surgeons up to date on the latest developments in their field. Each issue contains intensive coverage of meetings, journal article analysis, educational reviews, and information regarding new pharmaceuticals and devices.

Dr. Nasseri’s…

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