May 19, 2016 | | Los Angeles, CA
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About twelve years ago, Alan Blumenfeld’s father had an operation, performed by Dr. Jason Cohen. Then, several years later, when his son needed surgery as well, Mr. Blumenfeld and Dr. Cohen happened to run into each other, and they arranged for Dr. Cohen to perform that operation as well. Mr. Blumenfeld, an actor and teacher living in Culver City, remembered these experiences so positively that recently, when it came time to treat a hernia, he called Dr. Cohen back. Dr. Cohen has now treated three generations of Mr. Blumenfeld’s family, and Mr. Blumenfeld is completely satisfied. What makes Dr. Cohen stand out so much? Mr. Blumenfeld says it’s the human side of his practice. The ability to connect so genuinely is “a rare quality in general in people,” Mr. Blumenfeld said. “It’s rare in some physicians. It’s rarer still in surgeons. The fundamental distinction [between Dr. Cohen and some of his colleagues] is his humanity.” When Mr. Blumenfeld went in to see Dr. Cohen, he said, Dr. Cohen saw his name on the day’s schedule and remembered him. “He came in, gave me a big hug, asked me how my kids are. He’s that guy. That’s not a coincidence. That was actually the reason why I think he’s such a valuable asset as a medical professional.” Mr. Blumenfeld said that Dr. Cohen’s staff exhibit the same qualities. “They’re sweethearts,” he said. “They’re caring, genuine. It doesn’t feel perfunctory in any sense. They are genuinely connected, which is what I expect from his office.” In fact, Mr. Blumenfeld said, at a time when physicians are spending larger and larger portions of each office visit inputting or consulting data at computer terminals, he had heard that Dr. Cohen planned to hire a staff member to handle this task so he could focus entirely on conversations with patients. Dr. Cohen couples his personal touch with excellent diagnostic and surgical ability, Mr. Blumenfeld said. Mr. Blumenfeld’s surgery took place March 31. Afterward, Dr. Cohen said that there would be discomfort for the first few days, and there was; after that, Mr. Blumenfeld said, he felt fine. In fact, he had to remember to pace himself, so as to avoid the false sense of security that can lead patients to do too much, too fast. At the time of this interview, a little more than a month and a half post-operation, Mr. Blumenfeld was planning to head back to the gym for some moderate exercise. He still had some restrictions, so he was planning to use light weights and the elliptical machine. Mr. Blumenfeld said that if he ever needs surgery again, he will definitely call Dr. Cohen. “A surgeon is not an impulse buy,” Mr. Blumenfeld said. When you discover a good one, “you have to keep it in the front of your brain as years go by. “It’s a relationship I value and hope I don’t ever have to use again. But if I do, I hope I remember. He’s amazing.”

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