Feb 8, 2016 | | Los Angeles, CA
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What happens when a surgery goes wrong and something serious needs to be fixed? In Melody Glassberg’s case, the answer was to call Dr. Jason Cohen. After a May 2012 routine hernia surgery, Mrs. Glassberg found herself with a “raging infection,” and she said the surgeon who performed the operation did not help or accept any responsibility. The infection worsened, and Mrs. Glassberg told her primary-care physician that she needed a new specialist. Her doctor conferred with an infectious-disease specialist, and together they agreed that Dr. Cohen was the one for her. From the first visit, Mrs. Glassberg said, she felt like she was being taken more seriously. She believed Dr. Cohen cared about her and was invested in her recovery. “When I get to his office, I’m not a number, not a file,” she said. In fact, he now requests that records from Mrs. Glassberg’s other, unrelated medical visits be forwarded to him, so that he is up-to-date on her overall health condition. “As far as I’m concerned, I would trust him with my life,” she said. “I have trusted him with my life, several times.” The first of those times was in August 2012. With Dr. Cohen, the infectious-disease specialist, and a urogynecologist, Mrs. Glassberg was doing everything possible to avoid surgery. On a weekly basis, she consulted with Dr. Cohen, in an attempt to try any type of treatment in order to improve her condition and avoid surgery. They tried several approaches, including intravenous antibiotics. But surgery could not be avoided, so she underwent abdominal reconstruction. Dr. Cohen and a plastic surgeon performed another abdominal reconstruction operation on Mrs. Glassberg in May 2013. She recently passed the first anniversary of that procedure, and she is in good health. She expressed gratitude for Dr. Cohen’s efforts and their results. “He knows full well that I know my body, probably, better than everybody else,” Mrs. Glassberg said. “He made sure what I felt was investigated.” She said his respectful treatment of her husband, who was her primary caregiver, cemented her impression of Dr. Cohen. “The bottom line is, he’s always pleasant, always optimistic, always warm,” Mrs. Glassberg said. “He always gives me, as well as my husband, a tremendous amount of what we jokingly call ‘verbal anesthesia’ — trying to make a lousy situation a little bit better.” Today, things are better. And according to Mrs. Glassberg, for both his exceptional caring and excellent competency, she has Dr. Cohen to thank.

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