Breast Reconstruction ‚Äč

Breast reconstruction following a mastectomy is typically achieved through various surgical techniques that restore the breast to near normal shape, appearance and feel. Performed by a plastic surgeon, breast reconstruction can be done at the same time as the mastectomy (“immediate”) or at a later date, known as “delayed” reconstruction. At the SGLA Breast Center, we take sincere pride in listening to our patients and learning what reconstructive option is the best choice for each patient's lifestyle. Our surgeons work closely with the most esteemed plastic surgeons in Los Angeles to provide the most comprehensive oncological care and physical outcome possible.

During a one-stage, immediate, breast reconstruction the implant is put in at the same time the mastectomy is done. After the breast surgeon removes the breast tissue, a plastic surgeon then places the new breast implant in place. Typically the implant is placed beneath the muscle on your chest wall and held in place by a special type of soft tissue graft. Two-stage reconstruction is done by first placing a short-term tissue expander beneath the muscle on your chest wall after the mastectomy is completed. The expander acts like a balloon-like sac that slowly expands to the desired size allowing the skin flaps to stretch. A two-stage reconstruction plan is usually decided upon when the surgeon believes that the mastectomy skin flaps will not be sufficient size to support a full-sized implant right away. Once in place, through a tiny valve under the skin, the surgeon will inject a salt-water solution at regular intervals to fill the expander over a period of time. After the skin over the breast area has stretched enough to the desired size breast, a second surgery will remove the expander and put in the permanent implant. If radiation therapy is needed, the final placement of the implant is delayed until radiation treatment is complete.

Breast reconstruction can be done with:

  • Breast implants (filled with saline or silicone)
  • Natural tissue flaps (using skin, fat and sometimes muscle from your own body)
  • A combination of these methods
  • There is no one best reconstruction method, and every individual’s needs will vary. A person's age, body size, medical conditions, and surgical history may also affect the types of breast reconstruction best suited to yield the most desirable results.

At the Surgery Group of Los Angeles Breast Center, it is our mission to provide expert diagnosis and surgical treatment for breast cancer and all other breast health issues. Having the correct diagnosis is a critical first step in providing the best treatment possible. Early detection is important, and our SGLA physicians will determine the best screening regimen for you.

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