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Endocrine Surgery Specialists

At The Surgery Group of Los Angeles, Dr. Jason Cohen is dedicated to providing superior care to patients suffering from disorders of the thyroid glands and the parathyroid glands. Renowned for his expertise in the field, Dr. Cohen has developed a special interest for the treatment of thyroid and parathyroid disease processes. Utilizing the latest in minimally invasive techniques, he is at the forefront of thyroid cancer treatment and prevention to help improve the quality of healthcare delivered to his patients.

Dr. Cohen and his team specialize in minimally invasive surgery. Traditional endocrine surgery operations leave a large noticeable scar on the neck. As a top endocrine surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Cohen has perfected the art of treating thyroid cancer without leaving a lasting scar.

Thyroid and endocrine disorders are more common than most people think. In fact, more than 20 million people have been treated for thyroid disorders in the United States.

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Endocrine Conditions

Thyroid problems can be broken down into the following groups:

    • Thyroid nodules (mass in the thyroid)
    • Multinodular goiters (multiple nodules)
    • Diseases of thyroid function (hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism)
    • Cancer
    • Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (MEN)

If you’ve been diagnosed with any of these conditions or suffer from endocrine tumors, surgery may be the best treatment option. Our team of endocrine specialists will work with you to determine the best course of action.

For more information on Endocrine Conditions and Procedures click here.

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Endocrine Surgery Services

Our doctors specialize in various types of endocrine surgery, including thyroid treatment, as well as parathyroid treatment.

Thyroid Treatment

Thyroid treatment to treat diseases such as endocrine cancer may include several different operations. A small part or half of the gland may need to be removed, or the gland and thyroid tissue is removed entirely.

Parathyroid Treatment

If you suffer from hyperparathyroidism, treatment is a must. Tumors on the parathyroid glands must be removed so the glands can work properly. Our surgical techniques to remove these tumors are minimally invasive, leaving an unnoticeable scar.

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality endocrine surgery in Los Angeles. We look forward to treating your condition, paving the way for your healthier future.