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General Surgery

No one ever feels completely prepared for surgery. But at the Surgery Group of Los Angeles, we do everything possible to help our patients feel as comfortable and at ease as possible. From our specialty-trained team of general and surgical oncologist to our experienced support staff, we stop at nothing to provide each of our patients with the most personalized care available.

All of our surgeons here at the Surgery Group of Los Angeles are board-certified general surgeons, each with additional specialized fellowship training. It is this unique factor that allows our multi-disciplinary group to service patients with the highest level of expertise.

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Our General Surgery Department Covers Surgical Care for the Following:

Minimally Invasive Techniques

The general surgeons at the Surgery Group of Los Angeles are trained to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures, most often using minimally invasive techniques, including robotics. Each of them has completed full general surgery training, as well as an additional unique fellowship providing them with additional expertise in their field of specialty. Our surgeons not only provide emergent care at several of the local hospitals but also regularly perform elective surgeries for numerous conditions.